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so this is my first post from my brand new blogspot blog. i'm feelin' good about the change, it's a pretty big decision for me... that tells you the difficulty of decisions i face day to day. this is the link to my old blog that i won't be posting on anymore -

as you can tell, i'm not much on punctuation and capitalization. i guess that sucks for you.

as i sit here in my dorm room, with my roommate looking up and proudly pronouncing pick-up lines, and my buddy allen playing ncaa 2006 as the miami hurricanes, i will persevere and attempt to post. i attend liberty university in lynchburg, va. i'm a junior here, biblical studies major, and i play the bass guitar and sing for our campus worship band. i absolutely love this school.

going to a christian college, i deal with the standard struggles: complacency, apathy, and sometimes spiritual arrogance, simply because i hear messages and "do" worship music so much. we generally play 7 times a week, 2 of those being practice and 5 being services. we have 3 campus church services a week (sunday morning and night and wednesday night) and we usually play at 2 school convocations a week. its an amazing blessing and whenever i get tired out i just remember that when i set foot on this campus, this was all i wanted to be doing. and God could have chosen anyone for this. thats what blows me away. hopefully i'll have the time to keep posting often. i'm gonna try and study for a theology test. peace out.

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Jared Kirk said...

First comment ever! Woot! Glad to see you're on blogger. How about a picture for the ladies?