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i'm gonna be reposting some of my favorite entries from my other blog on this site, aka the ones that actually talk about anything of value. so when that happens i'll just put- repost: original date. so here is the first one...

repost: 9-01-05

interesting thought

this is gonna be short cause i have alot to do tonight, but check out what it says in my theology book.- "The word religion comes from the Latin religare, which means 'to bind up'."i'm not gonna even get going on this one. trace the word religion back, its right on. men have used religion to control and bind people and feel power for thousands of years. even though Paul says that the minute we adhere to religious rule-keeping we sacrifice all the freedom that Christ gave us. maybe it's all in the semantics, because Towns says that religion is synonymous with Christianity... and maybe it is. personally, that scares me. as i quoted donald miller a few posts ago, Christianity means so many different things. i am a Christ follower. i cling to Christian spirituality. and i hope it never becomes religious. it should be relationship and freedom. i could go on for a while here, but i really gotta get back to work. maybe some other time. ;)

(for the record, i was chastized by jared kirk on this one for being a little over the top, which i can see know that i was, but only slightly. i think that religion, in itself, as a concept, may not be a bad thing. my point is, today religion has so much other meaning attached that i don't like the concept or the image that it portrays. instead of the life-giving freedom which Christ promises, it screams "rules!" and "judgement!", to me.)


Jared Kirk said...

Hey Harrison, I finally found the verse that I alluded to before. It comes from the book of James Chapter 1: "Religion that God the Father accepts as worthwile is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep yourself from being polluted by the world." (JPV - Jared Paraphrase Version)

Harrison said...

dude, nice. what a great verse, i love james. you should publish the JPV as a whole bible... just something to think about.