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this is what goes on inside my head... literally, this is a conversation i had with myself while i was waiting for my lunch.

:::walking around in circles, looking at random food items:::

this really sucks.

:::silently stewing over not being able to go to baltimore because of band practice:::

man, i wish someone would invert a teleporter. stuff would be so easy. we could go anywhere in the world in like 2 seconds. then i could go to baltimore, hang around, zip back for practice, and zip back again for the game.

:::breaking into a casual smile:::

wow, you could go anywhere! i could live in kansas and still go to school here. you could see all your friends all over america every day. that would be so cool.

people wouldn't need to live in cities anymore, though.

you could live anywhere and still work in downtown new york city. there wouldn't be much need for houses in cities.

i bet the real estate market would take a huge hit if we invented teleporters. location wouldn't matter at all...

:::smile becomes frown:::

those poor realtors...

i hope nobody invents teleporters.

:::jaw drops:::

did i seriously just have this chain of thoughts run through my head?

:::laughs out loud while nervous onlookers stare:::

i just logically realized the economic downside of inventing teleportation devices?

wow, i am weird.

i should blog this.


Anonymous said...

Wow Harrison Ford..if I only knew what went through your head each hour of each day! I would actually be enthralled at your thoughts for the day. Anyways I enjoyed reading your thoughts today..and I completely agree about the teleporter I would LOVE ot have on myself..if you figure out the blue prints I will help fund you! ;)

Jared Kirk said...

Seriously, I don't know how to begin to respond to that...

Feather said...

That was pretty good *grin*