day 14: revolution

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total raving rant warning. rant rating: 7

say what you want about donald miller, that he's been too popularized, that he's too out there, whatever. i highly respect the guy's passion for people.

sometimes i wish that i wasn't liberty simply because i have a desire to be around people who have different views than me. i know you can "witness" to people anywhere, but i'm trying to think of the last good friend i've talked to, truly influenced, that has different views than me.

don't get me wrong, i love being here, i love this school. but the natural byproduct of being in an atmosphere so distinctly christian as this is good and bad at the same time: the good part is that you don't have to deal with the same pressures and traps that so often snare christians in hostile college environments. the downside of this is that it is so normal to "be" a christian here that it feel so... un-revolutionary.

it's not that one of the criterion of feeling good about your faith is to feel revolutionary all the time, constantly reinventing yourself. it's that everyone here is trapped in a comfortable melancholy, wrapping their identities around "being" a christian, not being a friend, follower, or servant of Christ. wasn't there more to Jesus' message than comfortably being part of an institution? ok, brace yourself, cause i'm gonna stop apologizing for what i'm saying. i'm tired of starting every paragraph with an apology. just don't read this judgementaly or arrogantly.

it feels like here you're not allowed to have any doubts. sometimes it feels like you're not allowed to ever make a mistake. not to just complain without being part of a solution or doing anything about it, i've been trying since i've been here to be open to people. like genuinely open. if i'm questioning something or messing up, i'm not gonna sweep it under the rug. burying, hiding... that's what brings out this stale christianity we so often see.

maybe we need a revolution.

i think the best way to have that happen is to get people outside the bubble and see what "normal" (next level church term) people are like. we get so scared of befriending someone who disagrees with us. look to Jesus! look who He hung out with! i pray that we here at liberty can escape the stale christianity that sometimes hangs over this campus like a cloud. be a part of the solution. (this is aimed to myself as much as anyone).

get real. go bankrupt. what do you have to lose, anyways?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting that up. I seriously feel like celebrating now, finally somebody else said it, that actually goes to Liberty, instead of someone from the outside. :)

Jared Kirk said...

You bring up an interesting question... It is too long for a comment, so I posted it here.

Harrison said...

i'm a long way from doing anything of value about it, but to get the word out, to get people thinking... i guess thats my goal with this...

Raisa said...

hey, I can't access the "jared kirk" comment...any suggestions on how to get that to work. I don't have a blogger account, I just read blogger accounts. Also, nice pic. on the profile.