day 2: time

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i guess the thing thats struck me first in this surrender thing is that when i get away from God, i spend almost no time with Him. probobly mostly due to the guilt that comes with sin, the guilt that pushes me from asking God to forgive me.

it's really not that hard to make time for God, even for the busiest of people. you can claim that it's hard, but if it's something you want to do, you're going to do it. so i'm going to work on spending time with God.

immersing myself in Him.

allen told me something once that really stuck with me. if you're trying to get away from sin and trying to grow in God, the best defense is a good offense. be on the move. be vigilently and forcefully seeking God, not trying to find remedies to cure the sin. thats attacking the symptoms and not the disease.

so i guess the point of this post is this: i'm going to spend more time with God. real time, not quick prayer toss up time, not 5 minute bible reading time.

real time.


Danielle said...

yo yo. i got myself a livejournal. just look up- hereiamallofme. under miss you!

Julie Maier said...

Hey Harrison! Havent talked to you in awhile but I was cruising facebook,for no other reason than to divert myself from studying and clicked on your blog(sorry about the history of why im here)I was really encouraged to read about your step by step break to surrender.The the Lord is bringing me to a similar place where he cant take me any further with in my relationship within until I clean out the closets of my heart, so that He may have more of it.I feel like my semester verse is 1 tim 1:12-17. I feel like I am the worst but God strengthened me and found me faithful, putting me into service. Gods grace was more than abundant!! All this to say,Praise the Lord for completing what Hes promised to do in our lives(Phil 1:6) Have an awesome night and Ill see you Sunday!!!

"The holier a man becomes, the more he mournes over the unholiness which still remains."~Spurgeon

Ps I really appreciated the Ozwald Chambers quote!!!