day 7: refocus

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i guess the thing i have realized during this first seven days is that it is very hard for me to keep my focus. it is very hard to create a habit of surrendering to God, at least in my personal opinion.

i see now that it is an every day surrender. maybe an every hour or every minute surrender. and that is tough sometimes. i've known this stuff before, but it is so different in practice than in theory.

so this is a refocus day. getting back to God again and again and again and again. thats life for you.

________Read on, this will relate... loosely__________

yesterday was an amazing relax day. everything i needed it to be. and florida state lost and that made my night. still, for some reason, when i went to bed, all i could keep thinking is "something's not right". i don't know if i'm the only one who has those nights, but i doubt it. i've had a few in a row, now.

i think that maybe that feeling creeps on us when we have tasted all the goodness God is and all the great things He has done and is doing for us,a dn for some reason we still crawl back to that lie with the temporary solution.

crowder said (something like), "it's like going back to fruit hoops when you've had and you crave fruit loops."

humans literally cannot be satisfied, truly and deeply satisfied, by anything short of God. and when you miss that... man, you can feel it.

you can lose sleep over it.

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