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repost: aug. 30, 2005

I started readin David Crowders book "Praise Habit". I got to thinking today about God speaking to us in our day to day lives, telling us where to go. I'm gonna continue on with a probobly bad illustration, but humor me:

I was in my friend melanie's car last night and she had this sweet GPS thing on it. it would tell you where you are, search locations, and a cool computer voice tells you where to turn. like when you approach an intersection, it says "right turn in .5 miles". its really cool. so i was thinking today. our life is like we're driving in that car. we have the music turned up, jamming out to good times, life, bad times, emotions, monotony, whatever kinda stuff. and we have this sweet GPS thing trying to tell us where to go. there is a definite destination, only the map is so zoomed in we can't see where that is. it tells you where to go, turn by turn. if you're listening. i think sometimes we're too concerned with the background music that we pay no attention to that voice thats quietly leading the way. that, or we think we what the destination is and how to get there anyways.

is this making any sense?

i think God is right there, always, and we decide not to listen for Him. maybe its not that we don't want to, its just not that high on our priority list. satan does a great job of making us not even realize that we're missing anything. its easy to live day to day and never think about God. our minds are full of useless crap that won't mean anything 10 years from now, much less eternity. we have to turn the radio down and listen for the GPS. at the tough intersections its easy to remember to listen up and admit we don't know whats up. but the everyday, little turns... the ones that lead to the big interstates, its harder to remember those, or admit you need help.

even if God has told you, personally, the destination - for example, i believe God has called me to lead worship in a church - we still need him to get there. if we forget about God along the way, we're gonna end up somewhere where He never intended us to be. and that place won't be our potential, as far as serving God goes.

so here is the completed theory: give up all the little stuff, the everyday life stuff, guys, girls, crushes, hair, clothes, class, and give up all the big stuff, the life altering stuff, the big choices, death, questions, insecurities, struggles. turn all that stuff down. and hear God. and realize you need Him to get you where HE wants you to go.

Insightful? Profound? Dumb? lemme know...

And now my friends, I am done with the soapbox. Someone else may borrow it for now.

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S.A. said...

I like it. Good thoughts.