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just got some cool news, which is great because it truly is a blessing in major disguise. the weekend i asked for but couldn't have off (the disguise), david asked me to lead from the acoustic (the blessing). it is a pretty awesome thing. back to my worship leading element, at least for the last couple of years.

i highly recommend a website by a guy named Michael Spencer. he writes some very well composed thoughts on Christianity. read his latest post...

i love this frickin weather. it is so incredible. i open all the windows every day.

______spiritual thought of the day________

Oswald Chambers: "The true test of my love for Jesus is a very practical one, and all the rest is just sentimental talk."

besides the scripture of blue like jazz agreeing with this, this book called the Bible is pretty solid on the idea as well. Jesus asked, "do you love me? then obey my commands...".

hope you feel ecstatic and enlightened. ;)


Anonymous said...

WOW, I feel enlightened!!! :) j/k it's good advice, something we should always have in our vision and daily goals.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Harrison! I appreciate you!Thanks for sharing! God bless!

nancy said...

I freakin love you!!!!!

I'm going to call you right now. I think it's better to not keep in touch with my favorite boys from FL, because it kind of makes me choke up and want to have my own personal jet.

I think I'll call Oprah instead of you and see if I can borrow her jet.

nancy said...

Oh, and I want to know what life would be like if I lived in VA. Would we hang out? Better yet, would we be BFF...FF? probably.

Harrison said...


i heart you too. we would definetly be BFF.