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unbelievable. i just saw Mute Math. they were amazing.

i wouldn't hesitate to say this: best live show i have ever seen.

the drummer tapes his monitor headphones to his head. the lead singer plays a rhodes piano, a keytar, and some electronic instrument that he invented himself that looks like a gun or a carpet cleaner or something. the bass player was amazing and the electric guy was great too.

and the music itself was incredible.

and we got to meet the guys in the band because liberty students are dumb and not many people came to the show, so Mute Math came out and hung with us.

i had a great freakin night last night. sweetness.

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Misshapen Perfection said...

'twas a freaking amazing show... My mind is bewildered by those who didn't care to attend... but I wish I had stuk around and met the guys too.... dumb me!