not too shabby

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today has been pretty good.

-this morning: led the worship at campus church from the acoustic. it was an awesome experience and i couldn't have wished it to go any better. i felt totally comfortable and in my element. it was fun.

-this afternoon: allen took me and his friend naomi out to lunch at the olive garden. he forced me to accept that he was paying for the meal, for which i am very grateful. then i took a nice long nap, watched some football and read some of my new copy of the book i've already read, "the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy". yeah, i know, i'm a huge dork, but i got this one from kirk. blame him.

this evening: wandered in and out on fox doing some crazy accounting homework, ate some of his cookies, so on and so forth. listening to a guy named johnathan rice right now, who i have no idea how i found out about, but his cd is pretty alright.

it has been a not too shabby kind of day. i can handle that. now hopefully tonight i will be able to go to sleep, but for some reason i am doubting it. i still feel unsettled. i guess thats the real point of this whole charade. i really need to pray about it. why the heck am i unsettled?

definitely need to pray.

p.s. i don't write this so anybody who read it will think i'm ultra spiritual or holier-than-thou. i just try to be honest about things that are happening to me. and my solution tonight is to pray.


Jared Kirk said...

Hey man, I look forward to seeing you this weekend, Heather and I will be at the cabin. Thanks for praying and fasting for me this week. And by the way, I don't think that anyone thought you were being "holier-than-thou." Those who experience the discipline of prayer understand that sometimes it is the only way to clear your mind. It is like sometimes your mind is filled with fog, and the only way to get rid of it is to expose it to the sun and burn it away.

ps - ask me how I check on your blog now, it freakin' rocks!

Stacey Laurel said...

Can i just say that Hitchiker's Guide is the best movie in the WORLD!!! the book was eh, but the way i've noticed it is that boys like the book over the movie, and the girls like the movie over the book. (i think it has to do with the wale thing) well i hope you are better by now, and all is rite like rain. i was having the same problem not to long ago, and just talking about it to others and to God made it slowly fade into the light. have an awesome week.

*~Stacey Laurel~*