part three: union

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God is all-loving.

God is all-just.

this seems so contradictary when you dig into it. if someone deserves death, how can they achieve life? that is unjust.

here is a scenario:
there is a condemned murderer on death row. he killed a man and was caught, and has earned the death sentence. however, this man is sorry about what he has done and wants to repent of his crimes. God is in charge of what happens to this man. does God show love: let the man go free and cancel the death order? this is unjust, because the crime must be paid for. does God serve justice: carry out the sentence and give this man the death deserves? this would be anything but loving.

so we're stuck. there is no possible option for God to be loving and just. but hold on. here comes the amazing part:

there is a third choice where love and justice are displayed perfectly.

God could die in the man's place.

Jesus could die in man's place.


did it all just click? did you just grasp the incredible character of God? did you just finally realize what He has done for us?

He is all-love.

He is all-justice.

He has proven that to us in the most difficult way. love equals sacrifice. wow, did God ever show that to us. and hopefully, we finally get it...


Allen said...

Dude, all I have to say is What a truth that we all have sort of missed - a truth that I have missed. good stuff buddy, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

thank you for putting that up. I was browsing through the web and found your little blogger. Anyway, that is an awesome thing to ponder. We always think of ourselves as better than a criminal, knowing we would never kill what God created; but in God's view of things, we have already killed something that is precious to Him, His Son. Something to ponder. Thanks again.