part two: justice

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so God is love. we have this established. in fact, this seems to me to be the sole view of God that those who are already christians have. don't worry about it, do your deal, sin a little bit here and there, God will forgive us because He loves us so much.

what would a rabbi from about 500 BC have to say about God? (keep in mind that this is the same God that exists today, the God who never changes...)

God showed Himself to the hebrews as His chosen people. He revealed Himself in many ways to them, as documented in the old testament in the bible. throughout the ot, God seemed to be more of the big judge upstairs, watching down from heaven to make sure everything was done how He wanted it.

i believe that this is the view of God that people who are not Christians have, thanks to us "insiders" who can't understand we were there once, too.

so God's chosen people, the isrealites, feared God and understood His jealousy and immense power. he cared deeply about the isrealites and wanted nothing more than to protect them and build them up as a nation under Himself, through His revealed Torah (law).

the isrealites didn't show God they loved Him by singing songs in worship services. a sacrifice was required to show worship to God. this God was a God who was all-just. every single aspect of His character was justice. sin needed sacrifice to pay for it. you weren't off the hook by tossing up a half-hearted prayer. God required payment for sin, and this payment was death.

seems kinda morbid, huh? maybe this is just how dirty our sin is. worship a false God- BAM! you didn't even have another day in some ot passages to make it right. God's wrath was swift and deadly.

how in the world do these two Gods sync up? one God extended His hand into a dying, sinful world and smiled upon the worst sinners. another God destroyed wicked nations by speaking a word. total theological contradiction?

tune in for part three, our stunning conclusion...

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