college life

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college life is crazy. its a weird mixture of business blended with total relaxation. nothing i am saying so far has made sense. lemme try again.

there are lots of paradoxes in college. there the contrast of the freedom of not being tied down and the desire to be in a relationship. there is the business of band stuff and keeping up with people and trying not to be a jerk to people and the relaxation of a weekend where all you have to do is... nothing. there is the school work that always beckons, just to add an element of conflict into the story, because every good story needs something to shake it up and make things interesting. like you really need extra conflict.. i would think that you get enough simply by putting a bunch of twenty-somethings in close proximity to each other. it's like a ticking hormone time bomb.

for all these reasons and conflicts and contrasts, college life is awesome. if you're reading this, in college, and not enjoying it, change something, fast. it's gonna be gone soon and you're going to wonder where the alleged "best years of your life" went.

i believe you have to make the choice to enjoy it. it's a choice i'm finally allowing myself to make. when you know it's all in God's hands, whats to worry about? whats to rush? i'm gonna take my time.

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Raisa said...

Just to answer your question about "who actually reads this stuff"...more people than you think.
Keep up the easy humor with the testimonials or whatever you wanna call them. It's like reading an autobiography...that doesn't end, intertaining and at other times profound.