oswald chambers

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this guy is just straight up hard to read. i'm not talking about difficult language or tough concepts.

i'm talking about straight up, holy spirit conviction. this guy knew how to deliver a message, man. i would love to be able to go back in time and hear oswald chambers speak.

today he talked about surrendering to Christ. "I have been crucified with Christ..." he says until that day where we hand over our independence to God, we are religious frauds. listen to this- "Will I surrender to Jesus Christ, placing no conditions whatsoever as to how the brokenness will come?"

this guy is hard to read. he tells you the stuff you know but you sometimes don't wanna hear. like that you have to get bankrupt.

:::reader quizzically shrugs shoulders, quite puzzled:::

don't you know what the name of this blog means? come on!


Anonymous said...

oh, that is so cool, I never thought you meant bankrupt in Christ, I thought you were talking money bankrupt...hahaha :) Thanks for the clarification, makes sense, and that is so true about what oswald said. We shouldn't care about how we come to Christ as long as we get there. Most of the time, when we are reborn in Chrsit, we expect easier lives. We should have our heads straightened, because the Bible NEVER said anything about our lives being easy, just the opposite. We should expect hardships!!!...but the Bible also says Christ will be there, helping us the whole way home. Thanks again for the clarification :) I like it.

nancy said...

hello darling.

sorry that i haven't called you back from your last voicemail you left me... i lost my cellphone. but tonight sherry boyd emailed me and told me she found it! yay.

heard vert.horizon and missed ya tonight.

have updates, but those are less important. loved nov 4's devo: obedience in the seemingly random occurences are pinholes to the face of God. That hit me right here ::heart::.

i've been playing in chapel on campus and doing on-campus gigs, and i'm getting recognized for playing piano. it's pretty weird, and i don't love it (i mean, eat it up), but it's fine. mostly i just like to think that music is a pathway to God and then write some songs.

miss you.. lots. you are one of my original gangstas. pray that we'll get to hang out maybe sometime within the next year.

(listening to ryan adams- "come pick me up". if you don't know ryan adams, then go on itunes and buy a song of his- feat. track "wonderwall", then buy "be my winding wheel". xoxo)