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it's official- without my parents, i would be dead.

...i mean, besides the obvious way that i wouldn't exist.

i am very blessed to have a family like a have, and whenever there is something out of place, not making sense in my life, or something that is seriously wrong, i can always turn to them. and they give the best advice in the world. i don't know what i could possibly do to thank my parents for everything they have done for me. i wouldn't be the person i am now if it wasn't for the patient and sacrificial love they gave me.

i am very blessed. i love my family. lots of people do.


Anonymous said...

... you have a great heart!!!! that is something that i really admire!!!!!ok!, i just wanted to say that
have a wounderful day!!
=D ... *me

Harrison said...

that's exactly what my cardiologist said... thanks ;)

Jared Kirk said...


btw does btw mean "By The Way" or "Back To Work" ok gotta go btw.

Anonymous said...

:-) parents are great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What else are parents to do when they have the best boy in the world?
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What about your wonderfully wise sisters? We have ears to listen too. : )) -Guess