i'll be home for christmas

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wait... i am home for christmas. and let me tell you, it feels pretty stinkin great.

foot update: (any blog that has those two words in it cannot possibly be cool)
i went to the doc, got xrays, and they confirmed that it is not broken, pending an MRI tomorrow. i don't know what MRI stands for and i'm too lazy to look it up, but i think i get the idea of it. i've been watching alot of "house".

they gave me this boot thing thats really solid, like a soft cast, so i can begin healing and trying to walk on it. that is the update.

i'm selling three guitars to buy one nice acoustic. if anyone is interested in a ovation acoustic, a martin acoustic, or a yamaha bass, or you know anyone who is, lemme know. they're probably gonna go to ebay soon.

anyways, i am out. aj is coming in tonight to hang for a few days, so we should have some fun. bye!

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becca said...

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging... you're a dork...