pre-exam day

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this is called a lazy day. slowly packing and studying.


Anonymous said...

today I chose to find out a little more about the guy who plays bass in our campus's funny how we (as a generation) have become so virtual that without even knowing your name I was able to read your "thoughts".

I'm impressed by how humble you are and how you seriously just want glorify Him through music. The absence of ostentation in you is admirable. Now, why are girls evil?

(For now, I'll keep myself anonymous, just for the sake of keeping you humble)

Ps- don't worry I am definitely not a stalker.... (i just had to say this.)

Harrison said...

to my stalker: (haha)

well thank you very much for the comment, and thanks for reading the blog. it is nice to know that people read this stuff i write.

first off, yeah, it is very strange that anyone can simply click on a link and be directed towards my thoughts. i've told people that if they really want to get to know me, really, to see what i'm about, to read this blog. i like to be honest, open, some of the things that many christians unintentionally avoid at all costs.

my mindset is that if i am going through something than somebody who might read this could be going through the same thing. i don't want to pull any punches... i want to be honest so anyone can see that other people go through what they go through.

also, thank you for the compliment. i guess i have managed to keep my head from swelling too large... just don't ask any of my friends about it ;)

and girls are definitely evil. that is my scholarly opinion, haha. ok, ok, i'm kidding about that, they're not evil, it's just hard to understand them sometimes. they kind of do this thing where they say one thing and do the opposite... but i guess guys to that too, huh?