up and down

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being temporarily handicapped as i am, it brings me back to something I've observed often in my life. it is an amazing thing how the bad times and the crappy things in life are what make the good things so amazing.

think about it for a second. i wouldn't know what having a great day is if i never had bad ones. i appreciate simply being able to walk now that i'm confined to crutches. i appreciate great weather every time i am confronted by it because i grew up in florida where the weather never changes.

it is just really cool to me, finding these small victories in life. it's encouraging to see in every day life that crappy things can really work for the good.

anyone else have any cool examples of this?

it's just something that i think about alot. one day i will be better equipped to articulate it so people will understand me better...


Megan said...

I spent a year living in balmy Las Vegas, where 'season' meant only 'it's raining' or 'it's cooler than 75 degrees'. I always loved winter, but only in a Minnesotan, pain-is-good sort of way. Being away from legit seasons for a year reminded me that I'm truly entranced by the beauty of God's world in all its extremes. As I stare out on a cold, snowy day from the confines of my apartment, I can truly say now that I do appreciate it deeply.

Harrison said...

i've never lived in Las Vegas... Florida, though. for my whole life, always hot and humid. i am beyond glad that i live in north carolina now. i appreciate it to a great extent.

thanks for the comment!