em-phasis on the wrong syll-able

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spiritual emphasis week is tough. it's a very busy time for us, and there are tough battle to fight against wariness, laziness, and cynicism. me, jake, and abby has some conversations about worship last night, and about the idea of having a spiritual emphasis week. i think that it does alot of good. i also think that there are alot of things that spiritual emphasis hurts. we start to equate worship with an emotional experience, so when we get to spiritual emphasis week, we pull out all the stops. not intentionally, mind you, but we want to make it powerful and reach people.

but once the week is over, it seems like no one cares anymore. they're had their spiritual week, and thats that. it's hard for us to have a church service that will match that emotional experience. i am not talking about God or the Holy Spirit moving at all in this. i am just talking about our expectations. and they seem a little skewed to me. we talk so much about how worshp is a reflection of our lives, not just a song and an emotional experience. still, i don't know how much we get it.

but hey, thats just my opinion.

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