"The Family Stone"

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rant warning:

so allen, brit, and i all saw the movie "The Family Stone" last night. there were some things in the movie that bothered me, while overall i actually kinda enjoyed it. it's all about this family having christmas together, and the brother brings back his high-powered, executive, prissy girlfriend. she doesn't go over well with the family. they all hate her and give her a hard time. the guys brother, luke wilson, starts to become interested in his own brother's girlfriend, comforting her through her hard time. she calls her sister to come in and support her. so now we have the original couple starting to fall for everyone else, the guy falling for his girlfriend's sister and the girl falling for the boyfriend's brother.

those couples all have only known each other for a few days, but you're actually rooting for them to end up together, even though it kind of seems wrong. at the end, the original boyfriend guy, Everett, it trying to stop his girlfriend's sister, Julie, from getting on a bus and leaving. and you find yourself cheering for them to end up together.

i guess what i'm trying to say it that i kinda felt conned into feeling something. these people don't even know each other, and it's not even that romantic of a thing. it seemed more whimsical and romantic to me. then at the end, a year later, it shows them all as happy couples.

i think that hollywood- no, i know that hollywood, had a very skewed perception of love. these people in the movie are all risking everything on nothing, there seriously is nothing to go on except of one day of knowing a person, and the do. they risk it.

don't get me wrong, i believe in love, and maybe i even believe in getting swept away by it, that after knowing someone for only one day, you could feel some rightness about it. but, as i said, it all seemed more whimsical and emotional and it didn't even seem like love.

if you can actually read that whole rant, props to you. if you can actually get a single thing out of it, serious props to you.

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