New Year's Eve

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Here are the lyrics to a song I just wrote. Think sappy piano song. Corny, but enjoy!

New Year’s Eve

Oh, what a year it has been, my love
Oh, what a few days have changed
Memories and fears spin around a sun
Changing, or just rearranged
Dreaming of you, oh I’ll never leave
Though alone here on New Years Eve

Time will go by and our hair will change
Probably gain a few pounds
Seasons will flow like a winding stream
Somebody lost will be found
Sometimes my mind gets carried away
Thinking of New Years Day

Something is missing this New Years Eve
Something I’d like here tonight
Someone to kiss when the clock strikes twelve
Someone to wish me goodnight
I have opened my eyes hoping you would appear
Please wake me up next year


Anonymous said...

is that song about someone?

Harrison said...

not particularly...