an odd encouragement

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so tonight after church, when i got back to the dorm, the hype and high of church tonight and hangin out afterwards all wore down, i was kinda feeling low. i've just been dealing with some stuff i don't want to/can't talk about on here. just a few things in my life that aren't ok and God has drawn them to my attention. the point is, not feelin so hot.

and then i listened to the song "it'll all work out" by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and soomething just clicked in my mind. even though the song is about a woman, when he sang, "it'll all work out, eventually", it brought me this sense of peace. it'll all work out. everythings gonna be ok. God is so enormously huge. He's got it all figured out.

it'll all work out.


Anonymous said...

hey harrison. thanks for your honest post. i'm not gonna write and say 'i know how you feel' or 'i can totally relate' cause i can't and i get really peeved when people say that. every trial is different along with every person. instead what i will do is remind you of the unconditional love of your Father in heaven who uses the Earth as His footstool! i know if He's that big, he certaintly can help you deal with what you need to deal with. as always, my ears are open, my lips are silenced and my attention is yours should you desire a friend to talk to. either way, i will be praying for you. may every trial bring you closer to Him and increase His fame and glory. all the best, man - looking forward to a jam out really soon! trav.

Anonymous said...

great song