studio & stars

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i spent 5 and 1/2 hours in the studio tonight. it was pretty long and pretty grueling. we recorded the vocals for "all i need", only me and keith in the studio. we went line by line through the song, finding all the nuances and making every line sound great, every word sound great. it sounds like it would suck, but i had a great time.

here is the real highlight of the night though. i got there like 10 minutes too early, and keith's studio is behind some other buildings, very dark at night. so i got out of the car- keep in mind that it was like 40 degrees at this point- and i got on the hood of my car and sat upright, looking into the woods. my first selfish thought was" i wish i had someone here to share this with me."

then i leaned back.

i was quiet.

and my other thoughts were swept away by the awesomeness and majesty of the night. the stars were brilliant.

how long has it been since i quietly sat back and just looked at the stars? it was amazing.

i was stunned and shocked. i felt like a man who has spent his whole life looking at his feet every time he walked, and one day he stops walking and just looks up at the world around him. and he can't believe what he has been missing.

i have been missing my life. i don't know what i was waiting for, but tonight opened my eyes.

what a God...


Anonymous said...

i so know what you mean! it's like i'm going along, all la-di-da, and the moment that i take a if i look up one of the bzillion times when i'm leaving david's place and see the sun just hanging over the mountains illuminating each hill, it just makes the world seem sparkley! or today, when i was just hurrying around, back to the dorm, and it was amazingly gorgeous outside, and i just stopped rite in the middle, between demoss and the vines center,(rite where cars like to drive, lol), and i looked around, and i was like "God, You are so amazing, thank-you" and, last nite, like you, with the stars, Orion with his little belt, they were so amazing! God is definately so so good!

Anonymous said...

hey harrison. i like this post. you have a talent in conveying such truth in a fresh way. i pray that God uses that in your songwriting. thanks for chilling today. it was great just to relax, get some things done on the computer in the presence of others and to just chill. when you get your guitar back, it would be great to jam and see what comes out. what kind of pick-up are you having installed? a fishman? trav.