this world is broken

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i'm beginning to realize the degree to which this world is fallen. without sounding too depressed here, which i am not, it seems that everything you put trust in will eventually in some way let you down. the things you thought were beautiful turn out to be nothing but smoke and mirrors. you think to yourself, this will be different. i'll put myself out there, i'm gonna trust. but usually, you find yourself cynical at the end of the process. it's like... finding out that santa isn't real or learning that a hero or yours is a loser. people- they will let you down. every single person in this world has the potential to disappoint you. it is just the way that we are, and even the most self-conscious person can avoid being... well, fallen. for the record, there have been some miraculous people in my life that i can say with good certainty have never, or very rarely, let me down, like my family and close friends. but even then, we are only human.

thats the wonder of Jesus Christ. it makes you grab hold of the words "Jesus' blood never fails me", and realize how incredibly miraculous that is. thats the only way in this world! and somehow, even though we know the truth... we still fall. as my friend Mauricio said (i'll try to catch the spirit of it), no matter what, no matter how close we come to Christ, there will always be something cracked, something broken, inside of us. thats just how it is. it is who we are.

the awesome thing is that one day there will be no more disappointments or shortcomings. everything broken will be made right. i can't wait for that day.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the post. I'm having one of those days where you just kind of steal away to your office with the need to just be with yourself for a little while. (not sure that really makes sense now that I write it out) But I remembered coming across your blog before and being encouraged so I decided to re-visit. Yet again, you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for being so real.

Harrison said...

hey there,
i think i understand what you mean pretty well. thanks for visiting the blog and thanks for the encouragement. its always awesome to hear from someone who reads and actually gets something from it.

Anonymous said...

dude, you have beautifully described the 'now and the not yet', the tension we have knowing we are both broken and redeemed and the hope we have in knowing our faith will one day be turned to sight when He'll make all things new . . . we need more songs about the 2nd coming of Christ, eh?