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i love the miami hurricanes. just thought i'd make that clear off the bat.

allen got two free tickets to go see UM at UVA last night, with a free parking pass. it was excellent. the arena holds about 8,000 people, and they were good fans. very loud. our seats were excellent, which was a big plus as well. we sat next to two old UVA fans, very nice guys. we had alot of fun going back and forth, joking around.

he told me he had been to liberty university once. we went to an LU v. UVA soccer game at liberty wehn the UVA soccer team was good. he claimed he sat right behind jerry falwell, and the jerry had the foulest mouth he had ever heard. now, i know jerry is a big sports fan, but i highly doubt this guys story. it was amusing though.

overall, great night, great time.

as a side note, i've started listening to death cab for cutie. i like them.

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becca said...

sucka... death cab rocks! (don't they have some similarities with mae?)