a writing mood

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so aparrently learning a new instrument has put me in an extremely creative mood and i am writing music like crazy. here are the lyrics to a new song:

"Walking Water"

If I break enough mirrors
Maybe my luck will change
Or maybe the pieces
Will just rearrange
Oh, my dreams have run shallow
Sleep has run dry
In the weight of a past
It’s not easy to lie

While I’ve tried to walk water
I’m not a saint
I’m just a man who’s in need of a drink
Oh my conscience is empty
I’ve wasted it all
You can tear up the curtains
I still feel alone
In a heart only love can save

What’s the price of surrender?
What do I give?
In a life that won’t live up
To the promise it gives
All the cards are flipped over
My bluffs all exposed
In the struggle for power
The need for control

Still, imagine the victory
I’ve already won
There’s Your hand in my future
I’ve watched you come
Rip the nails from my coffin
And rescue my life
Like a slow-motion movie
The hero just died
With a heart only God could bear

Have you ever seen justice
So mixed in with love
That the lines are all blurry
Like never before
Oh the grave has been broken
The shadows have run
To a place here inside me
I can’t overcome
To a heart only doubt can break


becca said...

wow... those words are amazing harrison. good one!

Anonymous said...

what instrument are you learning - keys?


Harrison said...

becca- thank you veeery much.

travis- yep, learning keys. and boy, did i get some fun recording equip. woo-hoo!