can you feel it?

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johnny told us last night of something going on in India. there are two brothers, from here in the states, graduated from liberty i believe, that have been working with the people in northern india. they have been working with this group of christian schools.

the headmaster and one other important person in the school system have been arrested. there is a public campaign in the town against the schools and the two brothers.

the police have said they will trade the two "hostages" for the two brothers. also, if the schools' graduations go as planned next month, one of the brothers will be killed. and they are ready for death. not afraid of dying.

this is life and death for Jesus Christ. this is so much more real that we here in the states can understand. this is being bankrupt for Jesus. dead to self. throw around all the catch phrases you want.

the point is, this is so real. can you feel it?

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