a look into the mirror

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i'm a little delayed posting this, but i've been thinking about it ever since monday. lon solomon gave his testimony about how he came to Christ in convo.

it was amazing.

in short, lon was raised jewish, and he went to his rabbi one day in his teens and asked if he would go to heaven. rabbi says, "all jews go to heaven. we're God's chosen people." lon thought, why go to temple anymore? i'm going to heaven anyways. he breaks off from judiasm, never goes to temple again. he grows up, goes to college at UNC chapel hill, starts well, then begins falling into drugs and partying. grades start to fall, ambition and passion melt away. meaninglessness begins to permeate his life. why are we here? what is the point of all this?

he decides to try religion. he studies all of the eastern religions, meditates on them, and comes away empty. he goes to a rabbi and tells him everything, his doubts, his feelings, his pruposelessness in life. the rabbi gives him a few books on judiasm, hardly an answer at all. he threw them away on his way out.

lon said he decided to kill himself. he found no purpose in going on. his friends were like, "lon, get a job, get married, live a normal life." he says he can't. there is no meaning.

being on LSD, he kinda procrastinated killing himself. he procrastinated everything. so one saturday afternoon he walking down the street and passed a crazy guy with a white van with scripture painted all over it. this guy would preach at the top of his lungs, shouting the gospel. lon walking his dog, tried to get by as quick as possible. his dog ends up in a dogfight, and the crazy guy helps his pull the dogs part. now he's talking to this guy, and he can see in the guys eveys that everything he has been looking for, this guy has. the purpose, the meaning, all there.

lon goes, "we should talk sometime." the guy says, "how about this afternoon?", not understanding that this was the kind of "we should talk sometime" that you say when you really mean, never. he gets freaked out and says maybe next week, i'm busy. the guy YELLS, "how do you know you're gonna be here next week?"

lon proceeds to freak out the whole week, considering this a prophecy that he is going to die. next week, he talks to the guy for two hours about the gospel, and the guy says "are you ready to commit your life to Jesus?". Lon says no way! he does promise to read thirough this Bible, though. he reads the gospels and is amazed by what Jesus says, the power and clarity and amazing authority in his words. after a while, he ends up praying the worst sinner's prayer ever, his life is TRANSFORMED. absolutely and utterly changed.

rob bell says that other christian's stories are our own stories as well. my salvation story is nothing special, i was saved when i was young. i love claiming this story.

for me, this story is a mirror of what my life could have been. if my parents weren't who they were, i could've, no, would've been lon. i would not have been able to accept this empty idea of do-it-yourself morality. it would have driven me crazy. i would have been that guy who goes to college, screws his life up, and finds himself on the brink of suicide. JESUS CHRIST saved me. i am no different from anyone else. that is what His grace is. and lon's story is my story.


Anonymous said...

You have such an incredible heart! Keep up the great work of the Lord Brotha!

Harrison said...

thank you, anonymous. appreciated.

Renee said...

His grace is the most awesome thing- it saves us even from ourselves, which is such an amazing thing to consider.
Be incredibly blessed!!!