two "best days ever", pt. 1

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i am a very lucky, or blessed, person. i have had two of the best days ever.... within like 3 days of each other.


i was home in charlotte for brit's b-day. we woke up at about 10, lazily went over to thai taste, which is my favorite restaraunt in the world. literally. it was absolutely delicious, especially since i hadn't been home in a month and a half. then, we went indoor rock climbing, which i hadn't done in a long time and my sisters and mom had never done. it took 10 minutes to learn and get hooked up, then we were climbing. perfect. we had a blast, climbed for 2 or 3 hours and totally burned out.

THEN we went uptown and stayed in the penthouse of some amazing hotel because the guy who owns it goes to our church. there was an elevator that led right into out room. no joke. there was literally an elevator door in the room. so for dinner, we went to the only five-star restaraunt in uptown charlotte, again, because the hotel guy who goes to our church hooked us up with a 50% discount. it was pretty fancy-schmancy for me, but it was good. brit loved it.

THEN we went to a museum up the street, discovery center, and got on a tour to see THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS.

yeah, the dead sea scrolls. there were like 15 scroll fragments to see at the end of the tour. it was incredible. i know a whole lot about the dead sea scrolls now, so if you wanna know, just ask. then we hung out in the museum and it was really fun, very interactive.

then we walked back and slept for the night. an amazing day.


becca said...

yeah thai taste!!! did you try the insano hott sauce this time? hee hee...

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness is that an aorta valve you were playing in? love ya, bro . . . glad you had a blast!