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let me preface by telling you that i am never stressed. i used to be a stressed person, but some years back i took up surfing and i suppose i adopted some of the surfer mentality. thankfully i don't have to work too hard to do good at school, because i can be pretty apathetic. that is why it is so weird that i am starting to feek the pressure piling on. if i am sitting around not doing anything productive i feel anxious. i can't wait for this semester to be done, because i am kinda going crazy. at least that anxious feeling keeps me on my work, but it can be kinda tiring. ooooh man this weekend will be excellent.

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You haven't had comments in a while so i though i'd write. I learned how to drive stick today with tanya. I almost had a heart attack because she took me to this crowded park with lots of little kids just trying to get run over by someone who has no idea what they're doing. Luckily no one died. Too bad i can't be there too see you guys this weekend but try to have fun without me anyways. I'll ttyl. love ya