missions and the "will of God"

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i am sitting in my missions class right now, almost completely disagreeing with my professors philosophy. he says that we should not wait and listen for the voice of God to guide us in our lives, but solely read His word and realize that we have to just go ahead and take the initiative, like the story of the talents. if that is true, then God has changed. if that is true, then we don't need God for anything. we can do it all on our own.


i still believe i need God. i believe that He still speaks to people and that he still guides and directs peoples lives, that he still has plan for us to give us hope and a future. should we sit still and wait for the voice from heaven? no! we should actively seek out God, keeping our eyes on the cross, reading His word and praying constantly. i will boast in my weakness, not rely on my own strength.

i am frustrated right now. i'll wrfite more about this later, i guess. i hope this made sense.

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Couldn't agree more