this will be scattered

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i can already tell that his post will be random and i probably won't make much, if any sense.

i just got done reading another don miller book, "Through Painted Deserts". It was really interesting to read, not preachy, not trying to sell a message, just a story of a road trip, and as Don figures out by the end of the book, a pilgrimage. it's a story about people and places, about taking a trip across the country in a beat up voltswagon van. it made me think about many different things while i read it, but mostly i just enjoyed it.

i think the great thing about a book like that, one that doesn't have a message, is that every person will get something totally different out of it. here is what i got: when i got to the end of the book, where Don leaves his friend Paul who he traveled across the country with, i felt this horrible sense of sadness. it made me want to go out and live my life, to cherish this season i am in, to enjoy people. this will be over soon, and this chapter of my life will be closed forever, fading into snapshots called memories, unlocked by photos and movies and songs.

it would be great to take a road trip. maybe when i get done with school, before i start work, i can take a road trip. a really good one, one that i will only ever be able to take one time and remember it forever. that would be something. one day, life is gonna start for real and i'm gonna have a wife and kids and a job. not that those will be bad things, in fact, it is something i desire. but... there are some things you can only do at a certain point in your life, before cell phones and families and culture reason to you that you can't. maybe i should, huh?

i told you this would be scattered.

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