John 2- Understanding

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It just struck me as I was reading the beginning of the book of John- Jesus’ disciples didn’t really and truly figure out who He was until He had died and been resurrected. They heard Him say that He would tear down the temple and build it back up in 3 days, and the disciples were just as clueless as anybody. They were probably shaking their heads, trying to figure out why Jesus was being so purposely controversial. See, they believed He was the Messiah, but this faith wasn’t really based on anything. All it took for Nathanial was for Jesus to tell him He saw him sitting under a fig tree one time. When Nathanial heard this and believed, I think even Jesus was surprised. He told him, look, I haven’t even done anything yet, you don’t have anything to base this on. I’m gonna show you some amazing things.

My point is, the disciples didn’t really know who Jesus was. After the three years they spent with Him, when His time came to die, they still didn’t have the plan figured out yet. Sometimes I think to myself, how can they possibly have missed it? Jesus was telling them all along who He was! Still, everyone who came then and comes now to Jesus comes with preconceived notions. Add to that that three years isn’t really that long. I bet it flew by for those guys. They were anxiously awaiting the day, probably selfishly, at least to some degree, the day Jesus would overthrow the corrupt Jewish system and take over, making them the most important people in the world. When the hero of the story died, betrayed by one of their own, their world shook. Again, it seems easy to say that they should have seen it coming, but I think that the stuff we have in the Bible might have been the most important things of a large quantity of things Jesus said. When the writers looked back, it was like, how did we miss this? I bet Jesus said and did a lot of things, and not saying that He didn’t make Himself clear, but I can see where the disciples might have been confused. They were simply swept up on this roller-coaster ride, none of them asking too many questions before they hopped on. They thought they knew who Jesus was.

We know that the things about Jesus are too much to fill all of the books on the Earth. I think that the reason the disciples didn’t get it is because they just listened, watched, and followed Jesus, going along with this ride, waiting for the day of glory to come. They heard and witnessed so much; maybe they just didn’t know what the important stuff was. Jesus clearly told them many things, but they just didn’t seem to understand. When it became clear to them that their perfect ending wasn’t happening, they bolted.

It was only later that they put the pieces together and saw the whole picture. Imagine that moment of epiphany after the resurrection.

“You mean when Jesus said…”

“He meant…”


When the pieces were put together for them, everything clicked and they understood who Jesus was and what He did when He died. From this small group of men and women, the message of Christ exploded.

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