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i wish more christians in this world would love people instead of judging and shunning them for not believing in Jesus. i wish we accepted God's love and grace for what it is and not live our lives in constant guilt and fear. i wish Christians were know for being the most accepting and loving group of people in the world, despite whether or not people are not living for God. why expect people who do not know God to live like it? our only job is to love people like Jesus did. i don't think it's judgmental to tell people about Jesus; He is important to me. if people want to know who i am, i will tell them about Jesus.

sometimes our own human shortcomings are very very frustrating. that is why i am glad that God is love.


linley anne said...

thanks Harrison for what you said to today in your blog... it is soo true that sooo many ppl here at LU expect the world to act like Christ and how can they if they do not know Him... and i am thankful too that God is love... :)

Anonymous said...

if God were not pure total love we would have no hope whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

that is so true. the world would be so much different if Christians loved like Christ. i'm so thankful God is always love and that He doesn't change.