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Last night I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about what it would be like to be blind. That would be so scary to wake up one morning, open your eyes, and see nothing. I kept thinking, “What’s the first thing I would do?” And then I was thinking about how someone would have to help me do everything in my life. It was really scary to think about.

Today we went out on the boat and just had fun. Tonight I jumped off the top of the dock, in the dark and everything. It was craaaaazy. I am so wild. Shocking.

When am I getting my tattoo?

Right now, Jered is playing this tape with these little kids singing. It is so cheesy. Brings back memories of growing up, doing all these little musicals and stuff. Why do churches make their kids do all kinds of gay stuff? I remember the Christmas pageants when I was new to FRC and I would sing and do all that funny dancing stuff. I guess back then it was a big deal.

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