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Before I start, will warn you that this will probably be a rant since I have no idea where this is going. So I caught the back end of this show, "Antiques Roadshow" (I am not a dork, I wasn't watching the whole show), while I was waiting for "Ken Burns' American Stories" to come on. It was about Lewis and Clark, a two hour special... ok, so maybe I am a dork. I'm cool with it.

Anyways, like I said, I saw the last 5 minutes of this antique show, and I thought to myself, "It is so weird that we are a society where antiques have value." Think about it; all an antique is is an old relic that is worth something because it's in good enough shape to seem new. I might be wrong here, cause I am no antique expert, but isn't the point of buying antiques that they remind people of an earlier time? It just seems odd to me that we are so blessed as a society that we pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for... crap. Some of this stuff people make money for seems like absolute worthless crap.

And the reason anyone would want it? Why, it's a vintage 1920's porcelain duck! Isn't it obvious now??? Vintage!!! Duck!!!

This post is officially out of control.

Here is my point... if there really is one; who the frick wants antiques!?

And why!?

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