My epic battle with the wasp (that I didn't know I was fighting)

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So a few nights ago, we decided to sit down a play a little game of poker. The participants: dad, Allen, Matt, Jared, myself. Nothing too crazy, just a regular two dollar buy in kinda game. We had a ton of fun, played for a few hours, it ended up being me and Matt at the end. He won. Darn it. Anyways, the night was young and we didn't want to quit, so Matt and I played heads-up two dollar games into the night. I won the first four in a row, hahaaaa. It is like 1am at this point, and these big ole' horseflys start biting me in the back. They were getting Matt too. So, soon, we decided to get the bug spray and take care of these bugs. We killed two of them and the third one was cornered and wounded by the dogs. I turned my back, and WHAM! A big honkin' wasp stung me in the back. It hurt like heck. We promptly squashed it. I ended up with a huge welt on my back and a stinging pain that kept me up til like 3 in the morning.

I know what you're thinking: how can this doofus confuse a horsefly and a wasp? In my defense, it was flying in circles... really, really fast. I got stung and he is now dead.

Wasp, 1.
Me, 1.

Until we meet again... and next time, play fair and don't sting me when my back is turned.

(p.s. - had a scary moment when my chest started to hurt and my right side started to go numb. Fun!)

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