Real life is on the way

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I sat down today and figured exactly what I need to do this year to graduate, even thought I have done this before. I can be kind of obsessive sometimes about school stuff, double and triple checking things. I figure what it's a little thing like whether or not you'll have to spend an extra year in college because you missed some 2 credit class, it's worth checking out.

How cool is this schedule for next fall: John, Genesis, Romans, Biblical Archeology, and Creation Studies. I am looking forward to it, I think. I have to aquire 35 more credits before I can graduate. This means 14 credits this semester, 12 next semester, and 9 credits of Clep testing. Do the math. It adds up. If not, then I may have to take one more math...

After that, the real world. Real life. Saying this implies that college is not the "real world" or "real life", and I think in some ways it is and in some ways it isn't. School is work to a certain degree. That's pretty real life. Playing 3 hours of wiffle ball a day for 3 consecituve weeks is not real life, however. But it is fun... I almost broke the ACU for the building next door one time. Classic sports moment for me.

I am not scared of real life. I have a secure role waiting for me in a job at a place I love with people I love. Things can always change, but I can trust on God no matter what.

I am gonna have some fun in my last year, though...

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