Here it comes...

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It is rapidly approaching midnight in Lynchburg, Virginia, as I write this post. I have four minutes to write before midnight hits...

So, as I said, I am back in town, here super early to start work with Campus Band stuff in my new role as... I dunno, Campus Band student leader, I guess. (3 Minutes) I am as excited about the prospect as I am worried about it, simply because I know it will take Gods working in me to be able to do it right.

(2 minutes... dang it!)

Lobstering was great, even though it was not a great season number-wise. I got to see some of my South Florida friends which was spectacular. If you're reading this, hi Danielle. Your dad makes fantastic steak.

(1 minute)

Time to wrap up. I have to be up early tomorrow to meet Dave for breakfast at Panera. Ok, 8:30 is not that early to meet someone for breakfast, but it will still be tough! Alright, midnight is here and my computer is turning back into a pumpkin.

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