Movement (or, all hopped up with something to write)

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God has been working in me for a while now, opening my eyes to the shortcomings of modern Christianity and and to those in this world who are suffering from poverty, hunger, and godlessness (not in a sense of morality, but in the truer sense, the absence of the saving knowledge of Jesus).

I feel sick sometimes living in America. Other times I cannot imagine giving up my food and my movies and my xbox and my other comforts. I've started reading a book. The reason I bought it was that I knew I could not read it and stay in a comfortable place. As strongly as I feel conviction over my own personal lack of feeding those who need food and loving those who need God (it is easier to feel angry at the church's lack of movement than it is to feel personally responsible), I am still scared because I have not ventured into these waters.

The idea, the philosophy, of being active in this global struggle sounds amazingly right to me, like an echo resonating in a huge cavern. It feels true. It rings of purpose. It is time for me to dive in, to stop thinking about it and start doing it. It is time for the love of Christ to exit from the doors of the church and set the example of selflessness in the slums of America and the slums of third world countries.

It is time for a movement, even if it is just me. I can't keep from it any longer.

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Anonymous said...

write a new blog, I'm bored with this one. The only reason you get so many views is that people are expecting something new one day and there is nothing. : )