Quite a Day

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Lemme tell you about today:
I woke up and got ready for the day, ate some breakfast, etc. I put on my spiffy tie and dress pants since it was a Wednesday convo (gotta do the tie for JF). I drove over to convo, slightly delayed by the train, which was lazily chilling on the tracks, and got there about 8:50 to set up. We played for convo, then I had some classes in the afternoon, followed by an hour or so in the office. I got home for about an hour and a half to do lunch at like 3, then I went to buy shoes. Last thing: Campus Church. Got there at 5, and sound check was not the best. We just didn't have time to do all we wanted to, and going into a service unprepared is a bad feeling. We had to seriously focus and put our attention on what the service was for to calm back down, urgently seek the Lord to calm us and trust Him to use us to fulfill His purposes. Church was fantastic, the music was great, and Dr. Caner was out of control. Amazing night. Now I sit here, tired and ready for bed.
A good day. Hopefully good sleep.

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