Training Camp

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Training for the 06-07 CPB has begun. The band is awesome and everyone in it has an amazing heart. It is gonna be a good year, I think. We have so many songs to go over, so this week will be long.

11 songs down, 80 more to go.


becca said...

hey! how are you doing these days? you know, i think you were probably allergic to that dang wasp. that happened to me once and i stopped breathing for a bit (turns out i'm allergic)... well, just thought i'd say hello. hope all is well!

McFarland said...

Hey man, good luck with training camp. I'm sure you are staying busy with all that. I'll be praying for you guys. You'd be proud of me man. I played golf yesterday and hit a shot from 100 yards out to within an inch of the hole--seriously. I was able to stomp the ground and it fell in. Anyway, it was sweet, peace.

Harrison said...

haha hey becca... yeah, i might have been allergic to that stupid wasp. i hate wasps. and i hate not breathing. i am doing very well and i hope you are too. hope i get to see ya sometime soon.


kelli said...

thanks for reading my blog (and commenting)! i won't hold it against you that you're friends with mcfarland! ;) just kidding! anyway, thanks again!!