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Let's see... since I've been back in Lynchburg I have gotten alot done. I'm working in the Campus Pastors Office, by the way, doing some of Daves campus band stuff since he has alot of other things to do. I have: arranged five charts for new songs for next year, wrote out most of the campus band schedule for the year, organized the practice schedule for training camp, aaand other various things. I like jobs like this, where I can list things out, work them out, and mark them off my list. It just helps me sleep better. I have a feeling when school starts it is not going to be as cut and dry as this, so I am enjoying it while it lasts. Soon, craziness will begin. Hopefully I will still sleep well when that happens.

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Monica said...

My goodness, your getting lots done...what are you going to do in the office? Ha! Ha! I love checking things off a list feel so accomplished and you do sleep better!