History in the Making

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"Rufus Glockenspiel and the Under-grounds", aka Charlton, Harrison, and AJ, just cut their first album tonight. 7 Amazing tracks... you can pick it up on iTunes soon.

Tracks include favorites such as:
Month Old Cheesecake
Writers Block
Harmonica for Monica
A Cappella Songs of the Faith Medley

Critics are raving. As one listener, ... Charlton, said, "This album is the best record put out by and band in the last 100 years." Pick it up and see for yourself.


kelli said...

woo hoo! can't wait...

Harrison said...

Lol if you wanna come to Lynchburg, VA, we're having a cd release party tonight. It's only like 10 hours, no big thing!
(did i mention there will be chili?)

kelli said...

sheesh, i wish i had known about the chili ahead of time...i would have totally been there... :)

S.A. said...

I was able to attend the release party, and it was the hottest event in three states. The chili was AMAZING, and the album rocked my socks off!