Onward Christian Soldiers

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I think this morning I figured out why Peter denied Jesus after Jesus was captured by the soldiers and at his trial. Peter, and all the other disciples for that matter, were still expecting Jesus to be the official "King of Israel" who would crush injustice and establish Israel as THE dominant nation, God's chosen people. For there to be a takeover, there had to be a fight, and I would bet that the disciples were ready for war.

Lets step into the last supper. Jesus tells the disciples that he will be betrayed. (Harrison leaves for 3 minutes to check his facts.) Ok, I am back, after reading all four accounts of the Lord's Supper and Jesus' conversation with Peter, and I have come to the conclusion that the disciples were definitely ready for battle. They were planning on being victorious for Jesus or going down in a blaze in battle.

So, in Matthew 26 when Jesus tells Peter that he will deny Him three times, Peter is saying he will never desert Jesus in battle.

Then, the guards come to arrest Jesus and the rubber hits the road. Peter charges, with sword drawn! A hit! (Though not a very good one... maybe Peter needed to practice his sword-fighting skills a little bit more.)

Peter looks around. He realizes he is the only one screaming and attacking. He looks around, amazed. Then something even more unbelievable happens; Jesus picks up the soldiers severed ear and performs a miracle (his last before his death?). The events unfolding are the opposite of the battle the disciples expected! The angry mob and the soldiers take Jesus away without a fight, and the disciples drop their swords and flee.

The preconceptions and dreams of an Israeli revolution are shattered. Peter follows the mob, possibly as the only one yet to give up hoping that Jesus will do something miraculous. They start to beat Jesus and Peter gives up, afraid and destroyed that his Hope has failed him.

He is recognized and he denies knowing Jesus

At least that is how it unfolded in my mind.

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