The drive to create

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I am trying to figure some things out about myself. I consider myself to be somewhat of an artistic person, a musician and a writer. Whenever I experience good art (specifically, photography, film, writing, and song) there is a battle that goes on. Part of me, when I hear a great song, is inspired and wants to create. That is not very difficult because I know I can write music. When a certain mood hits me, nothing feels better than to write out some poetry or prose. The problem is when the mood hits me, or the phase swallows me up, to attempt something I don't know how to do.

I am drawn to those artistic things in this world (besides drawing and sculpting... I am terrible at these things). I have, over the years, begun to acquaint myself with film and filmmaking. Both the process of shooting and editing film gives me great satisfaction.

Recently, I have been enthralled at the idea of learning everything I can learn about photography, to immerse myself into it. then I think, Do I have time for this? Can't I just appreciate the art without having to create it?

This same drive which has led me to music, writing, and film is striking again, and the current tide which is pulling me under is photography. It is just amazing how a great photographer can capture an essence, can completely define a moment, lock it in for everyone to experience. I love it. I want to join in the fun.

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