New Musical Obsession

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Ok. Here is something about Harrison. Harrison likes finding new music. (Harrison doesn't particularly enjoy speaking in the third person. He thinks it's arrogant, but he feels it suits his needs for this post, in a literary sense.) When Harrison finds new music, sometimes it slowly works its way into his rotation. Every now and again, he finds something new and it becomes all he listens to.

This process has two possible outcomes:

1) He learns all the words and loves the music. It becomes an all-time favorite.

2) He listens to it so much, he gets sick of it and almost never listens to it after the initial splurge.

(Exit third person)

Enter: Ryan Adams. My new musical obsession, currently overriding everything else on my playlist. It is fantastic. I am really loving this stuff. I have purchased two of his albums, Heartbreaker and Gold. If you're into Alt-Country... well, then you already know who Ryan Adams is.

(Re-enter third person)

Good music. Harrison is digging it.

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