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Well, I just wrote an email to my parents, and I figure it is just easier to show you the email I sent them than to tell it all again... I don't know whether I should blog this or not, but I think I will anyways. Here goes nothing...

So I think I am second guessing my South Africa trip... Possibly. Yesterday I applied to get an application from "Africa Inland Mission" ( and I think I might try to do a trip with them... Possibly for 2 months...
Ok, so in the time while I was writing this, sitting in class, LITERALLY, a girl in my class, who facebooked me like a week ago, who I hardly know except that we met in the library, said, I really have a heart for Africa. So I got sit down, mid e-mail, and talk to her. And she says that a day ago, this same organization I was looking at is putting together a trip, made up of 8 or so students, to Sudan, and she found out about it through word of mouth, doesn't know the other people, but that she found out there is a meeting soon. They are going next summer and will be working with a missionary couple there. That's all I know. I think I might go to this small meeting and see what is going on. I am extremely excited and more than a little scared. I think this might be a God thing going on... I don't know, but I have that weird "This is not a coincidence" feeling. Same organization, the day after I apply for an application with them.


I have just been feeling this huge burden for those sick and poor in this world. I don't know where this leads. I wanted to let you both know so you can pray for me. Thanks mom and dad, I love you.



Anonymous said...

I'm am so excited for you! God is so amazing! I just cannot wait for my future. I know that He really does have a plan for us. I love you!

Notorious B.O.B. said...

Harrison, In my life God has many times cast a vision to do something that was a God thing extra ordinary life changing experience. The one regret in my life is that I didn't always follow the vision and chose a more ordinary path. Bro alway go for the extra-o cause you will look back later in life and be able to say how awesome God is for how He directed my path. Love you bro