Treasure Trove

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I recently discovered that my sisters blog. Well, to be accurate, I knew Brit did, but I did not know Meg did. I never checked on Brits because I don't have a MySpace and I thought you needed it to look at the blog. Now I have learned better, and I spent the night reading my sisters' blogs and laughing up a storm while admiring what great writers they are. Meg has this great, elegant style, very romantic and flowing. She writes some amazing things. Brit is very real, urgent, and excited. Hers makes me laugh out loud, especially her "Big Eater Award" post. I discovered in both of their blogs a treasure trove of old posts that were incredible to read, seeing their thoughts and where we are all alike and different.

I love my sisters and everyone who reads this need to visit their blogs as I have recently posted the links. Enjoyment follows.

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