A Posting Defecit

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Ok, ok, I haven't posted in a while. I have discovered it is much less convenient to blog when I am at home and actually have things to do beside goofing around on the Internet. So, here is what has been going on:

I left Thursday afternoon for thanksgiving break. I got to play and lead at Next Level two Sundays in a row, which was fantastic. I got to eat at Thai Taste, my favorite restaurant. I got to have coffee with Todd and discuss my future at Next Level, what my passions are and how I want to use them. I got a new phone. I got to see the new Bond movie.

Our family left Wednesday for Boone, NC, and we relaxed in a cabin in the mountains until Saturday with the Kirks and the Thurmans. There was much eating and football watching. There were many hot tub visits made in the cold weather.

The highlights were: the Canes and Dolphins winning on the same day, eating a huge thanksgiving lunch, and watching the stars on this rocky plateau way out in the woods on the edge of a cliff.

There. In four paragraphs, you are caught up on my life.

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